Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: April 4, 2016

Terms & Conditions Definitions:

"We/US" means ZXHost as a trading business, also covers ZXPlay & ZXVPS;

"Contract" means a contract for the provision of the Service(s) made between the Client and the Supplier;

"Service(s)" means the internet related Service(s) which are supplied ZXHost on and subject to the terms in these Conditions;

Use of Product and/or Services

You may use any of our services, provided you are of the legal age to form a virtual contract, and not from a country listed as barred from receiving products or services from the UK and/or Germany. In order to process your order we require accurate details to be submitted as part of your order, any discrepancies in locations, or other details may cause your order to be marked as Fraud and any future orders of services automatically declined. The sharing of accounts between multiple people outside of a single business or entity is banned, and may cause termination of all or some services under the account in question.

You service may be terminated or suspended at any time, if possible your data will be provided in a backup, however this is not a guarantee and depends on the original reason for service disruption, ZXHost is not liable for any data you may hold within its service, and backups are the sole responsibility of the client.

Acceptable Usage Policy

The following link provides information of services or activity that is prohibited to operate on our services & network, the taking part of any of these such activities may result in immediate termination with no refund or compensation from ZXHost

Acceptable Usage Policy

Ordering a Service

During the order process a client must supply the following correct & valid details:

If you are unable to provide all the above details, due to any reason please email info@zxhost.co.uk

Your order must be completed for an IP / Location that matches the details supplied to us, any orders placed from a VPN or a non ISP network range will automatically fail Fraud Checks


Invoices are:

Services are:

Account Credit:

PayPal Payments:

Stripe Payments:

Chargebacks/PayPal Disputes will cause an account and all its attached services to be terminated, and the clients account blocked from any future orders or services


Orders placed with valid and correct details which pass our automatically Fraud screening will usually be processed within 15 minutes, some orders may be delayed due to payment clearing, or OS installation/service customization.

If an order is flagged for manual Fraud screening the order will be processed M-F 9AM - 8PM GMT upon valid and up to date details processed from the client, however sometimes these may be processed in times outside of this window, however this should not be expected or guaranteed.

Services requests for an immediate cancellation will be processed at 9AM GMT the following day, once this has been processed no data can be retrieved from the terminated service, Services requested for a cancellation at the end of the billing cycle will be processed at 9AM GMT on the date of renewal. If you have placed a cancellation request and no longer wish to cancel, please log a Support Ticket with the help desk as soon as possible to limit any service disruption.

Service Suspension : Results in the service in question being placed in a suspended state, all data is stored and available, however the service will be powered off or disconnected from the public network, clearing of the payment or suspension reason will cause the service to be restored back online

Service Termination: Results in the service in question being removed from our environment, all data including any backups will be removed and wiped from our storage and not retrievable, and the IP addresses attached to the service will be made available for new orders immediately, if you wish to move the IP to another service please contact us before the termination date


ZXHost provides a 100% Network & Infrastructure SLA, if during any month your service is offline or affected by an unscheduled hardware or network failure for more than 0.01% of the time during this month (4 Minutes) you can request a pro-rota refund for the duration your service was effected. This excludes any client specific downtime caused by DDOS or client side configuration.


These term's and conditions may be changed at any point, and an email will be sent to all active clients including the details of any changes, if the client continues their service after 30 days of this date they automatically accept the new terms and conditions.